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Choosing an office cleaning company in Leeds...

Choosing an office cleaning company in Leeds and Bradford, West Yorkshire

Office cleaning companies range from small Leeds based businesses with one or two employees to nationwide firms with many staff. With so many different cleaning providers, it is difficult to work out who will be the best for your business. Outlined below are some guidelines to help you make the right choice.

  • The scope of your cleaning requirements
    The first thing you should do is an assement of your company's cleaning needs. Determine what you need done, how often you need it, and determine your budget. Have a clear understanding of when you want the service to start and be sure to consider any access issues or security related items/paperwork that you might need completed or ordered in advance of the firm starting.
  • Cleaning checklist
    When interviewing your shortlisted cleaning companies, make sure you do a walk through of your office space, including any loading areas for their equipment. Ask the cleaner to detail the services that will be provided as standard services and a list extra services. Be sure to point out anything you don't want the cleaner to do - such as computer rooms - and make sure these are written in your agreement, as well as any additional services you have requested.
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment
    Most cleaning companies in the Leeds area will provide all of the cleaning equipment and materials required to clean your office. Ask the cleaner to give you a rundown of the cleaning materials and methods they plan to use on each piece of furniture or surface. Inexperienced cleaners who use the wrong products can cause damage or stains to your equipment. If someone in your office has allergies or sensitivity to particular cleaning products or you have specific requirements that you want your cleaner to adhere to such as using only environmentally-friendly products ask your cleaner to discuss products that will be suitable.
  • Check credentials
    Whether you decided to go with a chain or with the local Leeds company be sure to examine their documentation. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate and call the company to verify that it and its employees are fully insured. Ask for current references of clients and call them for referrals. Look at their experience. If the cleaning company mostly has clients in the retail sector then they may not have the skills or expertise needed to clean your office.
  • Contracts, agreements and policies
    Review contracts carefully and make sure everything agreed upon is in writing including the firm''s payment policy, cancellation policy and service guarantees (if any). Ask about recycling policies and whether they have environmentally friendly cleaning policies.

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