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Are the toilets in Leeds schools fit for purpose?

Are the toilets in Leeds's schools fit for purpose?

The Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association, CPHVA, (the UK's leading professional organisation for health visitors and school nurses) carried out a survey of schools across the UK.

Amongst the disturbing results were:

  • 1 in 3 toilets in secondary schools had no or insufficient toilet paper
  • 23% of school toilets did not have hot or warm water
  • 31% of secondary school toilets had no soap
  • 43% of school toilets were described as smelly
  • 84% of toilets in were only cleaned once daily or less

Why is this so important?

Unsatisfactory school toilets mean pupils drink less in order to avoid going to the loo. The resulting dehydration can cause constipation, headaches, fatigue and lack of concentration in lessons.

Not wanting to go to the school toilet during the day means pupils try to ‘hang on’ until they get home. Some schools restrict access to the toilet during the day, which means they can’t go when they need to. This may lead to bad bowel and bladder habits.

It also means pupils avoid or restrict drinking because they fear getting caught short during lessons.

This survey was conducted nationally and there is no specific data for schools and colleges in the Leeds area.

Leeds and Bradford have well over 100 schools, colleges and nurseries.

Schools and colleges in Leeds should choose a cleaning company that has experience in the education sector.

Local cleaning company, Pulse Cleaning Services, already clean one of the UK's biggest colleges and that experience can be used for schools in Leeds and Bradford.

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